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13-Marlas “Luxury Aqua Home” (Sold) A Model House.
Years : 2010
Bedrooms : 5
Bathrooms : 6
Parking : 4
Total Area : 3536 Sq. Meter
Covered Area : 5600 Sq. Meter
Price : Rs. 9,700,000
Aqua Home. Madina Town. Near Canal Road. Faisalabad.
Madina Town
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13-Marlas “Luxury Aqua Home” (Sold) A Model House. . Note: This Aqua Home has been sold and now a days 3 houses of 5-Marlas are Under Construction. . WHY ARE WE UNIQUE FROM ALL OTHER CONSTRUCTORS…! To keep ourselves Unique from an ordinary Constructor, we always take pictures from its 1st brick (even right after purchasing the plot) until it completes. In those pictures we do shoot such stills, that anybody could not be able to “View and Examine” after completion of the building. For Example: * Pictures of Lintel (which is MUCH IMPORTANT evidence to prove An Ideal Lintel, based on Standard parameters of Concrete & iron) * The ratio, quantity and quality of Iron used in lintel * Concrete beams, placed all over the windows and doors * Division of building during construction * Mud compaction on the ground floor * Spray of Pest termite on ground floor * And as well as on all wooden cabinets of whole building * All Cabinets are covered with plastic to prevent from seepage of water . . “A Bitter and Harsh Reality” Majority of investors are “SAVED THEIR AMOUNT” from Structure of the building. Whereas the innocent customer does not know that how much an investor bluffs and deceives him. Customer must keep 1 thing in his mind that if a well painted or a beautiful home is there, does not mean that the “Structure of That Building” also based on standard Rules and regulations. In fact an investor saves his large amount during the Structure. Such kinds of houses/buildings are just like a Well Painted Car with its WEAK ENGINE. As a beautiful car has no value with its Weak Engine, just like that A Beautiful House also has NO VALUE with its weak “Structure” during construction. Whereas being an Engineer, the Structure of this building is based on International Standard. Moreover, for our honorable customer’s Satisfaction, we took so many stills “at every step” and stored in our record. . Over here, we just showed a Very Small collection of pictures, but in our record there are hundreds of stills which may show to our customers on their request for Complete Satisfaction. . . Features: 01) An Ideal Location nearby Canal Road. 02) Peaceful atmosphere, without the noise of heavy and rapid traffic. 03) New Carpet Road just has been started to construct and in process now a day. 04) Installed new sewerage pipes. 05) East-Open Front (so that the home temperature may not rise too much in summer). 06) Ideal taste of Water in the whole town. 07) Nearby Commercial Market. 08) High-Voltage Electric Wires are on the Opposite Side (so that kids may not go or try to touch high voltage wires). 09) Activated electricity meter. 10) Activated gas meter. 11) Activated Phone Line. 12) U.P.S facility (when load shedding occurs). 13) Generator facility (when load shedding occurs). 14) Dual Mode System of Gas, used in Kitchen (when gas load shedding occurs). 15) Dual Mode Connection of Hot Water Supply in both floors (for immediate access of Hot Water). 16) European Style Furnished kitchen with Hand-Made wooden cabinets and Imported (Indonesian) wooden style floor tile (we are also providing “A Cooking Range” that consists on 5 automatic Burners and a smoke sucker “HOOD” as well. 17) All Baths are consist on “Inner Counter Basin” and specially based on Imported “Star-Light Granite” shelves and Imported (R.A.K Dubai) Shining tiles and Fancy Lights as well. 18) Each Bed room has unique attached ‘Dressing Room’ and ‘Stylish Bath’. 19) 2 Fancy, Decorated and Lightening “Water Falls” (in Lawn & Patio). 20) Moreover, Golden Fancy Lights are used “Under Every Step” of Black Granite Stairs that brings a Very Attractive and Modern look because of the Contrast among Golden lights and black granite steps. 21) 7 feet long Sizzling Aqua Fish Aquarium (having non-vegetarian sharks and turtles). 22) Wooden Vinyl Floors are used in Drawing room & Dining room. 23) Fancy Lights, Glob Lights, Spot Lights and Matching Fans are applied. 24) Color Designs on Foggy Glass is applied on ALL doors for an attractive view (except Bed Room’s doors, for the sake of Privacy). 25) “Diaar Wood” is used. 26) The room of Car porch is available for 4 Toyota/Civic Cars ‘at the same time’. 27) Proper lawn (25' x 22') decorated with different flowery Plants. 28) Glazed (Polished) Tiled is applied (24” x 24”). 29) 2 independent portions for 2 families (ground floor and 1st floor) based on 2 Independent Living Rooms (T.V. Lounges), 2 kitchens and 2 laundries. 30) 1 servant quarter with attach bath, having separate and independent stairs in backyard for the sake of Privacy of living Family. 31) Green Mercury glasses are used in All windows. 32) 3 Sides of the building are opened for the sake of “Ventilation and Passage" (Raah-Daari). 33) Water Tank is covered with double layers and generated free room is filled with "heat-proof sheets" for the sake of Cold water in summer. 34) 1 1st-aid kit and 1 Tool Box and 1 Fire Extinguish is placed for family security and safety as well. 35) Texture paint and Marble paint is in process, as well as Matt Paint. . . Site Address: Aqua Home. Madina Town. Near Canal Road. Faisalabad. . . For more details please contact: Tabassum Dildar (+92)3218667553 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (NOTE: This Aqua Home has been sold and now a days 3 houses of 5-Marlas are Under Construction)

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Independent: Independent
Electricity: Electricity
Gas: Gas
Telephone: Telephone
Ceiling Fan: Ceiling Fan
Tube Lights: Tube Lights
Wood Work: Wood Work
Air-condition: Air-condition
Near to the G.T Road: Near to the G.T Road
Near to the Bus Stop: Near to the Bus Stop
Balcony / Terrace: Balcony / Terrace
BBQ Area: BBQ Area
Fully Equipped Kitchen: Fully Equipped Kitchen
Garden: Garden
Children Playground: Children Playground
T.V: T.V
Maid Service: Maid Service
Veranda: Veranda
Marble Floor: Marble Floor
Laundry Facilities: Laundry Facilities
Breakfast available: Breakfast available
Meal available: Meal available
Transfer on request: Transfer on request
Washing Machine: Washing Machine
Electric Motor: Electric Motor
Reception: Reception
Satellite Dish: Satellite  Dish
Computer: Computer

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